“I do not believe the Gods would create so potent a being as myself for so prosaic an ending.”          – Winston Churchill

In her book, Hero of the Empire, Candice Millard relates the adventures of Winston Churchill as a young man in the Boer War.  Churchill became a foreign correspondent after service as an officer in the British army.1

While covering the Boer War in Africa, Churchill was captured after the train he was on was ambushed by the Boers.  Millard tells of the many adventures Churchill participated in after he was taken prisoner.

Winston climbed a wall and made his escape, despite the fact that he had no money, compass, weapon or food.  He did not speak the predominate languages of Afrikaans or Dutch.

The Boers knew he was a member of British aristocracy, and devoted all their energies to capture him. His escape was reported in the English press, making him a hero.

In later years, Churchill would lead England through the difficult years of World War ll. Millard’s book reveals the character forming events of Churchill’s youth.

What I find compelling in Churchill is his own sense of vocation.  He firmly believed he was put on earth for a purpose.  Believing in himself, he accomplished much.  We can all learn from his example.

by Patrick Gaffney

by Patrick Gaffney

1 Millard, Candace. “Hero of the Empire”.  Doubleday 2016.