In the practice of family law I have encountered many different sorts of people. It is even possible to witness the transformation of a person. This is a reflection upon such an event.



The Rich Man

In my possessions
I forgot my struggle
But in having it all
I didn’t have the most important thing

I didn’t know myself
I didn’t know how to give of myself
I was self sufficient
Or so I thought

I didn’t know or forgot
That I need, we all need each other
I found out the hard way
That meaning does not come in comfort

It does not come in just doing what I want
But in giving of myself
The self made man?
No man is self made

Only one who responds to a calling within himself
A vocation, is fulfilled
I must take the harder path
Allow demands to be made upon me

I must take on real responsibilities
Enter the fire
It is not on the path of taking
But in giving that I become rich

by Patrick Gaffney

by Patrick Gaffney