In the years I’ve practiced law, I’ve had the privilege to count as friends some very good people. My working relationship with Ray Peacock stands out. We practiced law together for over twenty years. This is my reflection about the man.


I Remember Ray

Some time ago
Decades now
I encountered Ray
He was made in a singular mold

He was a large man as was
His brain
And his heart
And his shadow

There was no ambiguity with Ray
Black and white with little grey
Work ethic was no stranger
And honesty his friend

In this world of functional people
And dysfunctional people
there was Ray
He stood apart

Random chance?
A force  allowed our paths to cross
When memory speaks
I recall how the course of my life changed

Accept that life is struggle
Never succumb to despair
That’s what I remember
When I remember Ray

by Patrick Gaffney

by Patrick Gaffney